6 Guns hunt Professor Z


Other titles: Lisbon Rendezvous, 6 Pistolen jagen Prof. Z, Treffpunkt Lissabon, Comando de asesinos, High Season for Spies

Production: International Germania Film GmbH, A. V. Films, Hispamer

Year of production: 1966

Running time: 87 min

Film format: 35mm wide-screen

Colour: colour


Director: Jules Coll

Screenplay: Jules Coll, Helmut Harun

Camera: Mario Pacheco

Sets: Teddy Wilba

Music: Louis Navarro

Asst. Director: Josef Bayonas

Editing: Waltraut Lindenau

Head of production: Franz Thierry

Executive producer: Dr. Alfons Carcasona


Peter van EyckJack Haskins
Letitia RomanEllen Green
Antonio VilarPierre Genet
Klaus-Jürgen WussowJohansson
Corny CollinsJenny Renoir
Richard RubinsteinDetective Superintendant Oliveira
MikaelaAnne Bardot
Arthur SemetDirector Bardot
Mario BarrosBob
Josef KardosProfessor Zandor
Herman GreeghPeterson
Americo CoimbraMike Danham
Richard WallAntonio

and others

The Plot

The American Jack Haskins and the Frenchman Pierre Genet know each other for quite some time already. On occasions they have been on joint operations, but sometimes also on opposing sides. That is all part of their job: they are spies! This time they have a particularly difficult mission to accomplish....

In Lisbon, Professor Zandor has made a sensational discovery and developed it to the application stage as commissioned by the industrialist Bardot. The bullet-proof alloy renders all conventional weapons harmless.

During the decisive experiment on the invention conducted in the presence of his assistant Ellen Green and his contractor Bardot, Professor Zandor is interrupted in his laboratory work by unknown persons and kidnapped. Bardot fears that the formula for the invention could now fall into the hands of a foreign power. The secret services get to hear about this and send their top men to Lisbon: for America Jack Haskins and for France Pierre Genet.

But the two are not the only who have transferred their working activities to Lisbon. For some time already, several dubious characters have been a source of worry for police superintendent Oliveira. There is a certain Johannsson, the head of an international group of gangsters who apparently maintains good ties with several powers. There is also Jenny Renoir, a very attractive young woman who plays a murky role, and a man called Peterson who leaves little doubt about the fact that he is a brutal killer who will do anything for money.

Already upon the arrival of Pierre Genet, Jack Haskins has the opportunity to become active. When a subordinate of Johannsson tries to kill Genet, Haskins saves his life.

Haskins discovers his first trace of the vanished professor through a letter in the handbag of Ellen Green. He follows the clue and becomes involved in many difficulties and hair-raising situations. But he does not manage to find the professor....

At a magnificent party in the house of Mr. and Mrs. Bardot many guests are present, including also Haskins, Genet, Johannsson, Ellen Green, Jenny Renoir, Superintendent Oliveira and Mike Danham an employee of Bardot.

During the course of the evening, Bardot becomes the fatal victim of a well-planned attack. Haskins and Genet discover clues indicating a connection between the murder and knowledge about the formula for the invention. They also learn that there is a romantic liaison between Mrs. Bardot and Mike Danham.

Haskins challenges the two and drags the confession out of them that Bardot has been killed by Mike. But during the course of their confessions, Mrs. Bardot and Mike are shot dead by Johannsson.

At the end of a wild chase, Haskins manages to apprehend Johannsson. Through a trick, Haskins and Genet also learn about the true function of Ellen Green: she is working as an agent for England. She was also the person who arranged for his kidnapping to save him from the clutches of the others. Johannsson manages to free himself and with the help of his gang to find out where Professor Zandor is being held.

But Ellen Green flees with the professor in a car in which, unknown to them, Johannsson s men have attached a time-bomb. Johannsson and his men pursue the car. In the course of the wild chase, Professor Zandor is mortally wounded. For their part, Haskins and Genet go off on the hunt for Johannsson. They just manage in time to save Ellen shortly before the bomb goes off. But the formula, they don t manage to find: apparently the professor has destroyed it just previously.

Thus the equilibrium of the military forces remains untouched, not least as a result of Superintendent Oliveira s courageous intervention, through which he manages to beat all the spies, agents and secret services together.