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All Shoot At Frankie

(Hunted By All)

Director: José Antonio Delaloma
Screenplay: Tony Delan
Camera: Victor Monreal
Music: Piero Umiliani
Sets: Hans Albert
Editing: Bruno Mattei
Production manager: Horst Backwinkel
Head of Production: Franz Thierry
Producer: Dr. Alfons Carcasona

Frankie BargherJoachim Fuchsberger
Maud TaylorErika Blanc
ElenaRosalba Neri
DrummerRick Battaglia
KarinKarin Field
Colonel O’ConnorWalter Barnes
CaldarLuis Tejada
Tom FennerVidal Molina
Prof. PeersCharley Fawcet
KaiserEddi Arent

and others

The Plot

Professor Peers, a renowned American scientist in the sphere of fuels research, participates together with his assistant Dr. Sigmund Bargher at a congress in Stockholm. During his lecture, Professor Peers ventures beyond the prescribed limits by announcing the discovery of a solid fuel of great energy content, opening up space flight new horizons.

When the CIA gets to hear about the unguarded remarks by Prof. Peers, it sends out instructions for him and Dr. Bargher to return immediately under the protection of its agents back to America.

On the way to the airport, several men attack the two scientists and try to kidnap them. They are working under the orders of the oil company CALDAR OIL, behind which certain nationalist interests are hiding. The kidnapping is a failure. Prof. Peers dies in the attempt, whilst Dr. Bargher is seriously injured and taken to a hospital by the police.

The speculator organisation RAINBOW which is made up of agents from the world’s major powers, has been following events through its extremely well-organised information network and now plans to kidnap Dr. Bargher during his trip back to America in order to sell him to the highest bidder.

Colonel O’Connor of the CIA orders his best agent Tom Fenner to accompany Dr. Bargher back to America. Maud, O’Connor’s attractive assistant, makes a private proposal to her boss: she wants to arrange for Dr. Bargher’s brother Frankie, a pleasant playboy, to take over the role of his famous brother for the trip back under CIA protection. This is to put any eventual kidnappers on the false trail enabling the scientist to return unrecognised and safely to his country.

When Tom Fenner picks up the patient from the clinic, he truly believes he is accompanying the real Dr. Sigmund Bargher, because Frankie plays his role so convincingly. But the two of them are attacked by the men from the RAINBOW group and Frankie is kidnapped. Even though the kidnappers soon realise that their victim is the wrong Bargher, they sell him to CALDAR OIL.

With Maud’s help, Frankie manages to free himself, but unfortunately not fast enough to prevent his brother from falling into the hands of the RAINBOW group who then kidnap him.

Following innumerable adventures, Frankie manages in the end to follow his brother’s trail so that he can free him and Maud who is also being held, and to do away with the two rival groups