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Hunted in the Sierra Nevada

(Flames in the Sierra)

Director: Alfons Balcazar
Script: Helmut Harun
Camera: Christian Matras
Sets: Jürgen Kiebach
Editor: Hermann Haller
Sound: Gustl Haas
Asst. Director: Lore Meyer-Döhner
Asst. Producer: Marianne Burges
Director of Cinematography: Horant Hohlfeld
Producer: Franz Thierry
Executive Producer: Dr. Alfons Carcasona

JeffRobert Wood
HelenMaria Sebaldt
DavidJack Stewart
JimmyHelmut Schmid
DundeeRichard Haussler
Judge KeystoneHans Nielsen
CarranchoFernando Sancho

and others

The Plot

A poker game in a Texas saloon involves high stakes the deed to a ranch in the Sierra Nevada. Glenn, the oldest of three brothers and sisters, loses their property and attacks the winner in a blind rage. But Jeff ist faster and his bullet is deadly. The judge advises Jeff to leave the area quickly. While riding through the desert, Jeff stumbles over the outlaw, Carrancho, who is buried to his neck in sand and frees him. Carrancho shows his gratitude by stealing Jeff’s money and horse at the first opportunity and sneaking off. The only possession Jeff still has is his deed. On foot, he struggles on to Creektown in the Sierra Nevada.

There the high-spirited Helen, together with her younger brother, David, runs the ranch left to them by their parents. The two of them are waiting impatiently for Glenn to return with the money from the sale of a herd of cattle so they can pay off their debt to Jimmy, the Black . So it s a hard blow for them when, instead of Glenn, Jeff arrives at the door and claims the ranch now belongs to him. Helen accuses him of the murder of her older brother and drives him off the ranch.

In order to get what s rightfully his, Jeff goes to a lawyer in town, Dundee. Dundee advises him to wait for the return of Judge Keystone. In the saloon, Jeff meets Jimmy, the Black who s known for his skill with a gun; a skill which Estrella, the owner of the bar, doesn t underestimate.

In the middle of the night, the residents of Creektown are called out of their beds. Helen s ranch is in flames. After the fire is out, Helen’s brother David finds a kerosene can and accuses Jeff of setting the fire even though Jeff was one of those who worked hardest to put the fire out. The lawyer, Dundee, encourages David’s suspicion and also suggests that David ask the banker, Craig, for help in paying off his pressing debt. Oddly enough, the meeting is arranged to take place at night.

In the meantime, Jeff has discovered that Dundee and Jimmy, the Black aren t as upright as they appear to be. He finds out that Jimmy works for Dundee. When the shady lawyer gets together with the banker to discuss the plan, he meets with unexpected resistance. Craig is fed up with Dundee’s dirty business and threatens to expose him with certain papers which are locked in his safe. Consequently, Dundee devises an underhanded scheme. The next night Jimmy and his men break into the bank. They hold the old man, Craig, at gunpoint and steal the papers Dundee wants. When David shows up shortly thereafter for his appointment to talk to Craig about a loan, he’s knocked unconscious. Members of the gang stuff money in his pockets and shoot Craig with David’s gun. The shot brings the town out of their beds again. They think David is Craig’s murderer and want to lynch him on the spot.

Jeff, who also came running when he heard the shot, discovers the outlaw Carrancho’s boot in the bank. He quickly joins the mob chasing David. Jeff catches up to David first and shoots. The others think David is dead. Actually Jeff, who doesn’t believe David is guilty, takes him home to the ranch. It becomes clear to Helen that, for better or worse, Jeff is on her side.

Jeff takes off immediately after Carrancho. When he catches him, Carrancho finally admits that he had planned to rob the bank, too, and so he saw Jimmy’s gang murder the banker. Carrancho reluctantly agrees to tell the Judge what he saw under oath. On the way back to town, Jeff and Carrancho are attacked by Jimmy and his men but they re able to use a trick and get away.

Meanwhile, Helen has confided in Dundee that David is still alive. As a result, David is taken prisoner and brought to the courthouse. Jeff and Carrancho arrive just in time. Carrancho is able to clear David of suspicion. Things are getting too hot for Dundee but Estrella stops him from making a getaway. Jeff’s bullet takes care of the crooked lawyer. The same fate awaits Jimmy, the Black.

When Judge Keystone arrives in Creektown the next day, he only has one job left to do to put his signature on a marriage license for Jeff and Helen.