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Nevada Clint

(Valley of Hope)

Director: Alfons Balcazar
Script: Mel Chatlin
Music: Nico Fidenco
Camera: Tom Seyer and Victor Monreal
Sets: Hans Albert
Editor: Hermann Haller
Asst. Director: Fred Canet
Director of Cinematography: Horst Backwinkel
Producer: Franz Thierry
Executive Producer: Dr. Alfons Carcasona

ClintGeorge Martin
JulieMarianne Koch
BillGerhard Riedmann
Walter ShanonWalter Barnes
Don ShanonPinkas Braun
Blinky ShanonPaolo Gozolino
RossFernando Sancho
RickRenato Baldini
TomLoris Dody

and others

The Plot

Saddle Rock is a small town in the American Middle-West. The men and women who live here have endured a long period of hardship during their struggle to cultivate the land. Just when their efforts are finally beginning to pay off and they can start to live a decent life, trouble comes from another direction. There s one man among them who is land hungry. Not satisfied with his own property, he’s constantly trying to grab his neighbours land too.

This man is Don Shanon, a wealthy cattle rancher. Together with his sons, he terrorizes the small farmers and uses his superior might unscrupulously. The Shanons are behind every brawl and shoot out in town. The farmers try to stick together but the Shanons are too much for them.

A woman named Julie lives on one of the farms with her son. Everyone in the valley thinks she s a widow and Bill, her closest neighbour, has been trying to court her. However, she s cool toward men. It s been several years now since she took her small son and left her husband, Clint, who was a dangerous gunman. She couldn’t take life with a notorious gunslinger any longer. Now she owns a small farm in Saddle Rock.

One day Clint wanders into town. Julie recognizes him immediately as he rides onto her farm and demands that he leave the valley. She can t forget his past. Clint stubbornly refuses, but promises that he’ll leave soon if she ll just give him work and a place to stay for a few days. He says he’s willing to sleep in the barn. Although Julie could really use a pair of strong arms on the farm, she turns down his suggestion. But her small son Tom, without realizing that this man is his father, is drawn to Clint and asks his mother to let Clint stay. Finally, Julie agrees. However, she demands that Clint give her his revolver so she can be certain right from the beginning that there won’t be any shoot outs.

And so, after years of restless moving from place to place, Clint finally settles down into a peaceful life. He goes out of his way to avoid fights of any kind and doesn’t even react when he s provoked by the Shanons one day during a visit to town. Young Tom finds this behaviour cowardly and is disappointed. Their neighbour, Bill, doesn t have a very good opinion of Clint either. He saw him together with the Shanons and doesn’t trust him.

The only river in the valley crosses the farmers land. The Shanons also need the river water for their cattle and so they try to buy up the farms. When the farmers refuse to sell, the Shanons use force to get what they want. Their first victim is Bill whom they beat up brutally. Bill is so filled with hatred now that he openly challenges the Shanons. Clint tries to convince him that this is folly but is told to mind his own business. McKinley, another farmer, is the next victim. The Shanons accuse him of cattle rustling and the deputy sheriff throws him in jail.

When McKinley’s son, Johnny, tries to prove that his father was framed, he is maliciously shot down. Clint happens to be in the saloon as the Shanons are celebrating their success and one of the Shanons picks a fight with him. Clint has finally had enough of simply standing by and watching the Shanon’s dirty games, so he beats up his attacker.

The Shanons make their final move. They use dynamite to dam the riverbed and divert the water onto their own land. Now the farmers have no water for their fields.

Although Bill is a poor shot, he gets ready to take on the Shanons. He is determined to prevent them from hanging McKinley the next morning in town. The noose is already around McKinley’s neck when Clint suddenly arrives on the scene. He challenges Dave Shanon to a shoot out. They both know how to handle a gun. Clint’s behaviour amazes the men of the town who don t think he has a chance against Dave Shanon. Slowly, the two of them move toward each other. Dave draws ... a second too late. Clint was quicker. Then a wild gunfight breaks out in which Clint also hits Ross Shanon before he runs for cover in the saloon with the rest of the townsmen. Shanon s people outnumber them but the men in the saloon continue to fight. At the last minute, the farmers come to their aid. Now Shanon s band is caught in a crossfire and defeated.

The time has come for Clint to move on. He goes back to the farm and packs his things. While he’s packing, Julie comes in ready to travel. A woman should go with her husband, she says. She’s willing to start a new life with him and Tom.