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Operation Typhoon

(Spy Against His Will)

Director: Alfons Balcazar
Screenplay: Tony Delom
Art Director: Michael Lluch
Scenes: Victor Monreal
Camera: Peter Rohe
Music: Claude Bolling
Photo stills: Wolfgang Tröndle
Sets: Will Vierhaus
Head of Production: Franz Thierry
Producer: Dr. Alfons Carcasona

GaryGeorge Martin
MonicaVivi Bach
KlausKlaus-Jürgen Wussow
SilvanaRosalba Neri
BillMichael Monfort
IvanIgnazio Leone
Prof. RowlandGeorges Chamaral
Electra IVittorio Sanipoli

and others

The Plot

Will a powerful, dangerous group succeed in unleashing a nuclear war between the two super-powers? Be that as it may, the ELECTRA organisation is playing a dangerous game when it arranges for the mind-blowing drug to flow into Colonel of the U.S. Air Force, who only at the last moment can be prevented from unleashing the launch of intercontinental nuclear missiles.

Fortunatel, the Americans and Russians, represented by their agents Bill and Ivan, agree to a joint strategy against ELECTRA, and the first step is the handing over of the antidote developed by Professow Rowland to the Russians. The case with the written documents and chemical instruments is supposed to be handed over on neutral ground, on the occasion of a big jewellery exhibition at the Van Hallen Villa in Hamburg. But the ELECTRA Organisation is also prepared, because it already has been conducting advantageous sales negotiations in connection with the mind-blowing drug. The attractive agent Silvana and her companion Klaus manage to entice Professor Rowland and his pleasant assistant Monica into a trap. In a brief fight, Rowland is killed but Monica is saved by the notorious jewel-thief Gary, otherwise known as “El Lince”, who has just managed to acquire some of the precious stones. What then follows is a breath-taking chase right through the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, its surroundings and the harbour area. With both skill and luck, Gary manages to shake off the three groups interested in the antidote in the form of Ivan, Bill and Klaus, so that Monica and the valuable case can be saved when he goes on board his freight-ship lying at the docks.

When Monica tries next day to hand over the documents to the American embassy, those present are startled when a tumbler jumps up at them. Meanwhile the ELECTRA Group manages to gain control of Gary who under the influence of a truth drug admits to having been involved in the case entirely by chance, but at the same time saying nothing about the small case.

Towards the end of the deal, Gary is prepared to sell the documents for a high price to the Organisation. He cleverly manages to dodge a trap which has been set for him and escape in his boat only to fall into the hands of Bill and Monica who confront him with the consequences of his actions. But Gary would not have gained the nickname “El Lince” if he could not escape yet again and manageeven to cunningly outwit Ivan’s people.

The ELECTRA Organisation is keen to speed up not just the sale of the antidote, but also to handover Monica into the hands of the foreign group. She is brought to the luxury villa which Electra I has constructed in the lonely mountainous region of the Italian Alps. The villa cannot be reached by outsiders except, that is, by the agile Gary who even manages to slip inside the villa and exchange a few words with Monica.

During the imminent dramatic exchange in the silent, snow-covered landscape, Gary is clever in stage-managing a fight between the two groups leaving him with the opportunity to take the money and the precious antidote at least until Monica discovers that Electra I is trying to escape with the mind-bending drug in a helicopter flown by Klaus. Now finally aware of the significance of the drug, Gary risks his life to prevent Electra I from escaping thus convincing Monica that there is after all a more serious side to him.....