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Black Rose, Rosemarie

(A Girl within the Festival)

Director: Cesar Ardavin
Art Director: Hannes Hoff
Screen play: F. A. Koeniger, Cesar Ardavin
Sets: Dr. Franz Lang
Photography: Mario Pacheco
Music: Augusto Alguero
Architect: L. P. Spinoza
Asst. Director: Lore Meyer-Döhner
Cutter: Edith von Seydewith
Sound: Gustl Haas
Stills: Xaver Karmon
Production Asst.: Horst Backwinkel
Production manager: Theo Zöhner
Producer: Dr. Alfons Carcasona

Jack Lambert, filmstarPaul Hubschmid
Irene Kaufmann, boarding-school girl Judith Dornys
Maria Schneider, house keeperLucie Englisch
General ManagerFrank Barufski
Luise, Irene s girl friend Marlies Sandoval
TeacherIngrid Ahrens
Joachim, journalistJulius Nunes
Publicity ManagerHans Kortes
StarletEthel Rojo
Xaver, reporterJohannes Tasso

and others

The author and director of the film, Cesar Ardavin, was awarded the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival.

The Plot

Film Festival in Berlin Cannes Locarno Venice San Sebastián! Turbulent and exciting days for the film industry. From all directions of the compass, they flock to the greatest show on earth; reporters and broadcasters, agents, producers, actors, unknown starlets and stars at the height of their careers.

The autograph hungry fans have been crushed against the magnificent portals of the Festival Hotel in San Sebastian for hours. Newspaper headlines carry the story: Films from 22 Countries Parade of the Worlds Stars.

Nor does the excitement abate inside the hotel. Surrounded by a great uproar and confusion, the internationally famous star, Jack Lambert, finds himself besieged on all sides from publicity agents and studio representatives, both European and American. Indulgently, almost bored, he lolls on a couch while the mob in the street below chants his name. Clearly not enjoying his ordeal, he nevertheless accepts with patience and discipline the instructions, orders, directions and desires of his agents.

In the next few days, Jack belongs body and soul to his studio, the mighty National Pictures Corporation . His every activity will be formed and directed by studio representatives. The publicity manager reminds Jack that his statements to the press must express his own personality while at the same time maintaining a certain reserve. He orders the Hollywood star not to appear in public until he receives explicit instructions to do so.

If Jack Lambert is important, it is only as a cog in the well-oiled and carefully arranged publicity plans of his studio. His every action must be carried out with the same precision which will guide the pilots of the two sport planes to X hour when they are to release 50.000 photographs of the star Jack Lambert over San Sebastian.

Jack Lambert is alone, a prisoner in the luxury apartment of his hotel. Bored, he leafs through newspapers and magazines. Dusk settles over the city. Listlessly he looks out of the hotel window. The pounding of the surf beckons from the nearby beach. The brightness of the festival only serves to intensify his awareness of the pulsating life of free men which meets his view, men far freer than he. Jack is overcome with a desire to take part in real life. Silently, he slips through the hallway and leaves his festival cage through a side exit.

The driving mood of the festival with its particular effect on youth has not been stopped by the wall around the genteel girl’s school at the city’s edge. As soon as the teacher on duty inspects the dormitory, bids the girls good-night and turns out the light, the tempermentful Luise and her quieter, dreamy friend Irene creep out of their beds and slip to the ground on a rope of knotted bed sheets. A risky but carefully calculated adventure begins. Full of adventure, Luise steers the school’s jeep in the direction of the festival auditorium where the prominent of the film world are to be seen. Luise’s friend Joachim is so busy that he can t be bothered with the two young girls.

At the same time, Jack Lambert takes a taxi to the old sea harbour. Here, along the pier, fish are being roasted over twinkling fires; a delicacy in an atmosphere unequalled in the finest restaurants. After Jack has tasted the delicate flavour, he strolls leisurely along the cobblestones to the nearby Gitarre which is a sailors tavern. Here, with a good wine, he finds the atmosphere which he vainly sought in his hotel. He quickly finds himself in the middle of a group of sailors all of whom are in the best of spirits . The barkeeper fills the glasses for yet another round.

After sampling a part of the big show, Luise and Irene are in high spirits as they drive through the night of San Sebastián. As Luise swings the jeep around a corner, a figure reels directly into her path. The girls are aghast. Taking heart, they move their victim to the side of the street. Luise leaves to seek the help of her friend Joachim. Her grief such that she does not recognize the victim as the slightly drunk film star Jack Lambert, Irene attempts to help him and is tapped on the shoulder by a policeman. While Lambert continues to emit deep snoring sounds, Irene, without time to think, explains that her husband had suddenly felt ill. She finds an understanding soul in the policeman and he offers to assist her in bringing her husband to a small hotel which he knows just across the street. Irene s fears that she will be taken for a woman of the streets are relieved, but she quickly finds herself in an even more difficult situation when faced with the questions of the hotel manager. She has little choice in this situation. For the rest of the night she will be forced to exchange her comfortable and safe bed in the dormitory for a couch in the hotel room. In this moment she promises herself never again to sneak out of the dormitory.

Morning breaks and Jack Lambert awakes with a heavy head. Only slowly does he remember the events of the last night. A cold shower and particularly the presence of the bewitching Irene quickly raise his spirits and this in turn causes him to recall the duties which are expected of him in the evenings festival activities. Irene s depression quickly leaves her when she learns from Luise that her absence from the dormitory has not been noted and what is even more, she can safely remain away from school until evening.

Jack and Irene quickly discover their mutual interests. Without further thought, Jack tells Irene that he is an automobile test driver and he proposes that they spend the day together in search of joy and happiness. Without waiting for an answer, he rushes his bewitching young companion to a fashion house and insists that she select a fairytale evening gown. Unnoticed by Irene, he gives his card to the sales-lady and orders the dress delivered to Irene. Irene is too caught up in the fairy tale to fully realize that this costly item is actually hers.

Jack s sports car hugs the serpentine curves up Monte Igueldo which is located on a peninsula of San Sebastian and provides a breath-taking panorama of the bay and San Sebastian. The view streches from the glistening white hotel palaces to the small island of Santa Clara. Irene still believes that she is dreaming. Cautiously, Jack declares that dreams are real and that they can come true ... two happy people in a big city.

While Jack joyously accepts these hours as a heavenly gift and he and Irene blithly visit an amusement park and go for a swim in the bay, the studio representatives at the Festival Hotel are in a state of utter confusion. Lambert s film will have to be postponed. The star has disappeared without a trace. Should the police be called in should his disappearance be concealed? How, and how long? The attempt to discover an acceptable solution goes on at top speed.

The hours of joy which are reflected in the eyes of these two individuals pass all too quickly. Lambert cannot find it in his heart to reveal his true identity. He swears tenderly and softly that his meeting with Irene will live in his heart forever, even though it will be necessary for him to leave San Sebastian in 48 hours. Irene attempts to remain brave for the hour of the unavoidable parting.

Completely transformed, Jack Lambert meets his agents in the hotel. The film star who had always been so placid, suddenly shows his teeth to his trainers , but he agrees to play his role in the premiere of his film and then depart for London to begin filming his next film. At his insistence, his agent picks up Irene at the girl’s school and brings the unsuspecting girl to a box of honour at the auditorium. She wears the fairytale evening gown.

In the brilliance of the spot lights, Jack Lambert appears on the stage. Irene hears his voice but she is aghast at the thought that she was just a plaything to suit his mood for a few short hours. But as Jack speaks to the audience in the festival hall, Irene discovers that he loves her and wants to marry her. True, he will leave San Sebastián today, but he will soon be back for her.

Irene understands. Tears of joy and happiness fill her eyes as Lambert disappears in the flashes of the photographer’s flash bulbs.