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The Carpet of Horror

(The Indian Poison)

A film based on the crime story “The Carpet of Horror” by Louis Weinert-Wilton

Director: Dr. Harald Reinl
Screenplay: Dr. Felix Lützendorf and Helmut Harun
Camera: Gottfried Pacheco
Music: August Alguero
Sets: Ramiro Gomez
Sound: Günther Rauch
Editing: Edith von Seydewith
Asst. Directors: Josef Castanier and Lore Meyer-Döhner
Production assistant: Horst Backwinkel
Head of Production: Franz Thierry
Producer: Dr. Alfons Carcasona

Harry ReffoldJoachim Fuchsberger
Ann LearnerKarin Dor
CraytonWerner Peters
Colonel GregoryCarl Lange
Dr. ShipleyAnton Casas
MillnerRobert Rey
FleshGabriel Lopart
VaneJosef Kafarell
SamLorenz Rohleder
TonioRaffael Wacker
Mabel HughesEleonora Rossi-Drago

and others

The Plot

Shortly after his return from India, Robert G., a special agent of the British secret service, becomes the victim of an insidous murder by poisoning. Scotland Yard is alerted immediately. Inspector Burns of the Murder Squad discovers that Robert G. had important information on the activity of an international gang of criminals which has moved its headquarters to England. But when the body is found, all the material disappears without a trace.

A few days later, the lawyer Crayton is negotiating in connection with the stolen information late at night with Millner, an expert in the decoding of secret documents. In the study of his villa, Millner, who has decoded the documents on the orders of the Boss for the price of valuable jewels, reveals the secret of the documents. They provide the answer to the true identity of the Boss who so far had remained anonymous to all the members of the gang. But in the same night, Millner is found dead by his attractive niece Ann Learner.

Dr. Shipley, the poison expert at Scotland Yard, establishes the same cause of death as in the murder case of Robert G.: a mysterious Indian poison which when thrown in a capsule onto the carpet fulfilled its deadly task.

Inspector Burns suspects Ann, the sole heiress of her uncle, of committing the terrible murder. Ann’s behaviour is indeed strange. She phones a certain Harry Reffold. On the night of the murder, Ann sees him in the garden of the villa, but refuses to give away the pleasant young man.

Harry Reffold, a friend of the murdered Robert G., is in search of the documents on the night in Millner’s villa where he breaks in and steals a leather folder. Instead of the hoped-for documents he discovers inside the jewels.

An anonymous caller prompts him to take a room at the smart bed-and-breakfast Victoria. The person who made the call, a certain Colonel Gregory, appears also to be involved in the poisoning murders. He discreetly observes both Harry and Ann as well as the actions of the police.

Harry suspects a trap, but takes the risk upon himself and remains in the bed-and-breakfast. Mabel Hughes, the elegant and attractive owner seems to be attracted to the young man. In turn she is showered with proposals of marriage from the rich banker Vane. Colonel Gregory, also a guest at the bed-and-breakfast, arouses the suspicion of Harry through his strange behaviour.

The gang is meanwhile gathered in the cellar of a suburban garage in order to await instructions from the mysterious Boss. Crayton tries to turn the gang against the Boss, but has to submit eventually to orders. Dr. Shipley, who has developed an antidote to the deadly poison, is kidnapped. He is supposed to reveal the formula of the serum. When he refuses he is tortured. Harry manages to save him at the last minute.

Harry is now on the track of the gang’s headquarters. He follows Colonel Gregory one night into the broken ground near the garage, but loses sight of him. When he returns to the bed-and-breakfast, he just escapes as if by miracle the explosion of a time-bomb which had been fixed to his car.

The police close in: they arrest Harry and Ann under suspicion of jointly having poisoned Millner. Strangely enough, they are then released again by Scotland Yard’s top chief personally. Harry then takes the young lady to his mother to protect her from further danger.

In the B & B Victoria, the beautiful Mabel Hughes confesses her love for Harry. When Harry points out he s already in love with Ann, Mabel withdraws deeply disappointed.

The gang is agitated. Crayton has paid for his rebelliousness with his life. The unknown Boss declares that he personally will take care of Harry who has become too dangerous for the gang.

Banker Vane gives notice of his forthcoming marriage to Mabel at a small celebration back at the bed-and-breakfast. The same evening, Ann is kidnapped by the gang. Harry is informed of this by a half-drunken person at the celebration.

Shortly afterwards, the inebriated man falls unconscious following a prick froma poisoned needle. In the general chaos that follows, Mabel and Colonel Gregory disappear.

Harry brings the unconscious man round using Dr. Shipley’s serum and forces the man, a member of the gang, to show him the way to the gang’s headquarters.

Inspector Burns has already ordered his men to surround the garage in order to capture the gang members. When Harry points out that Ann is being held hostage by the gangsters, he is allowed to pass.

Harry rushes through underground arched cellars into gang headquarters. There is a lot of shooting. Suddenly Colonel Gregory appears in front of him. Harry is about to detain him thinking he is the leader of the gang, but Gregory surprisingly identifies himself as an official of the secret service who is searching for the stolen documents drawn up by the murdered Robert G.

Together they continue their search. Finally Ann is found tied up. But she is in grave danger: the Boss is using the helpless young woman as a shield against the bullets and trying to make a getaway. Ann is able at the last moment to tear herself free. Then a car roars off at speed ....

Harry, Colonel Gregory and Inspector Burns take up pursuit in another car. During the hair-raising chase, the Boss meets his fate and at last Harry is able to take the delighted Ann into his arms.